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Dress Well, Look Good, Feel Better has been the motto of Style-And-You personal styling agency since its inception. It is a simple vision of Natalia Macri, the founder of Style-And-You, where she brings the best in you. She says: ‘In Style-And-You we love helping people, look & feel great in the clothes they wear!’

As a Personal Stylist, Natalia offers a range of personal styling services, from those on a tight budget in need of a quick Style Makeover to clients maintaining a personal brand who are serious about having a high-quality wardrobe all year round.

As an Image Consultant, Natalia helps executives and professionals in corporate, creative, and business roles to align their personal style with their personal brand. Having extensive experience in the corporate environment, Natalia can help you define a specific professional image and ensure you are dressed to impress.

In addition to her Fashion Stylist role, Natalia creates styling looks for editorials, advertising, and fashion brands.

Watch below Natalia’s recent women’s and men’s styling work for Empower studio photoshoot.

Natalia creates styling looks for editorials, commercial advertising, and fashion brands. She has worked with local Australian fashion designers for editorial and content creation. If you are interested in loaning items or would like to expose your brand to Natalia, please visit our Contact Page or email Natalia directly to Natalia@style-and-you.com.

We are always happy to hear from you.

Stylish Wishes Xx

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