Whether you work in a corporate office or if you are your own girl boss CEO, a pair of grey pleated pants are a new business chic essential in every woman’s wardrobe. 

A chic, floor-length, understated and minimalistic pair of well-tailored trousers is a hero piece you can count on! Easy to style and wear, it is a sure way to dress to impress in the workplace or after-hours activities. 

Now whether your trousers are high-waist or they sit at the hips, these trousers work with almost anything. The best way to wear pleated pants is on the loose side. If they are too tight, the pleats will pull and it won’t look as easy going.

Wondering what to pair them with? Wear them with a basic T-shirt or a button-down. You can rock this ensemble anywhere and look chic while you’re doing it. 

To make it simple, I’ve attached a video, which outlines 7 simple ways to style one pair of high waist pleated grey pants. Create multiple looks for different occasions whether it is formal or casual. I hope you find it helpful. Also, check out the video to see how I would wear each look!


The straight wide leg will definitely give you the comfort of movement throughout your busy day at work and WFH included!. Just pair it with a blouse or sweater for a sleek spring look. It’s that easy! 


Another way to wear your grey high waisted pleated pants is to pair it with a burgundy T-shirt. Also great for spring! I love this colour combination as it makes this outfit more interesting. 

Don’t be afraid to bring colour in your outfits even if it is for your corporate or business look. Adding accessories like a belt, watch or a black folder will still keep it business-like and professional. 


Pairing your favourite grey high waisted pleated pants with a black turtleneck is such a great classic look that never goes out of fashion. 

BUT proportions matter!

The 2 classic pieces above (grey pants and a black long sleeve roll neck top) definitely go well together due to the outfit proportions. 

The rule of thumb, and it always works, is to go fitted on top and loose at the bottom or vice versus. 

For example, in this classic outfit, the pleated pants have a straight wide leg and a loose-fitting to the pant. The way to balance it out is to wear something fitted on top. Otherwise, if you wear something equally loose on top this could potentially make you look bigger than you actually are.

This is something definitely to keep in mind when putting your outfits together. 


Long gone are the days when you could wear suit pants only with a jacket or blouse. 

Think modern business suiting, and channel your modern-day business lady by pairing your favourite grey pleated pants with a white structured shoulder t-shirt. This grey and white colour combination works well in all seasons and is easy to pull off.

Both pieces look sophisticated and elegant when paired together, thanks to clean lines and a simple silhouette. Have you ever thought that a White T-Shirt can become a part of modern business attire? No? Me neither :).

But by all means, go bold and creative and mix and match different colours for a more daring look.


Want to make a statement? Then adding a leather jacket will definitely do just that. The easiest way to change a look or add a different vibe to your outfit is to add a classic biker jacket. 

The leather jacket is an essential piece of clothing for every wardrobe. With a leather jacket, you can dress up or dress down any outfit and still look effortlessly stylish. 

It is easy to wear a leather jacket, pair it with feminine garments, like loose pants, a pleated skirt, a little black dress, or even a mini skirt if you like, and a white T-shirt. Follow us on @Instagram for more inspiration.


This time I pair my leather jacket with classic leather heels, high-waisted pleated pants, and a classic black turtleneck. You can also wear it with a black T-shirt or a black top of your choice. 

This combo adds a rock star edge to a classic look.


No wardrobe is complete without a perfect crisp white shirt.

It’s such a versatile piece and a wardrobe staple that can be worn everywhere and can literally be paired with anything. It’s the real deal as it looks just as good with your work trousers as it does with your weekend jeans. Whether yours is made from crisp cotton or luxurious silk, the tailored shape of a button-down shirt makes any outfit feel instantly elegant. 

The white cotton shirt I’m wearing is cut for a more relaxed fit, with a wider and longer cuff of the sleeve. This gives it a more interesting look compared to the standard white shirt. Tucked into these trousers, it gives the overall outfit more of a put-together look.

Check out the VIDEO below. Which look 1-7 is your favourite??? 


Now you too can create multiple looks with your favourite pair of pleated trousers for different occasions. But if for some reason you struggle, please do not hesitate to contact me at Natalia@style-and-you.com and I can help you create your winning looks with your lifestyle and budget in mind.

And that is exactly what I teach my clients! >>> To invest their hard-earned money in good functional pieces that work with multiple outfits and can bring you from day to night and from weekday to weekend.

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