Online Makeover

Online Makeover

Online Makeover – Transform Your Style, Transform Your Life

Are you too busy? No time to invest in yourself but still want to look good? 

Our Online Style Makeover service is an excellent option for busy professionals, clients out of town or stay home mums who still want to look and feel their best no matter what the circumstances are. 

Whether you are looking to update your style, wardrobe, get advice on grooming and accessories, or simply looking for an update on fashion trends our online stylist can help you to achieve your desired style and image goals. 

You will then be provided with your own personalized Makeover report containing customised style options (based on your requirements, body shape, facial features, age, lifestyle, profession). Additionally, we will provide you with Internet links to purchase your favourite items online or in stores.



With our ‘Online Makeover’ you will:

  • Receive style advice without leaving your front doorstep!
  • Save time and money by eliminating traveling
  • Get your own Online Style Consultant to assist you
  • Learn what style enhancements are required to maintain your desired image
  • Know how to disguise your ‘problem areas’ by maximising your strengths
  • Learn which styles suit your body shape
  • Look sexy yet comfortable in the clothes you wear
  • Receive personalised grooming advice
  • Receive integrated Internet links, with items ready for you to purchase
  • Receive your own fully customised ONLINE MAKEOVER report, to use anywhere at any time
  • BONUS: 4-weeks ongoing access via WhatsApp for style advice (30 min total)

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