Some can feel finding their personal style can be a tricky subject, not mentioning the fact that one can go through several personal styles throughout their life. Besides the fact that it’s ever-evolving, here are some questions to help you find your current personal style:

🖤 Who is your style icon?

🖤 What images you are drawn to?

🖤 What is your current lifestyle?

🖤 What personal image do you want to portray?

🖤 How would you like to express yourself?

🖤 What clothes inspire you?

🖤 What clothes you feel most confident in?

🖤 Do your clothes suit your body type?

🖤 What colour clothing you like?

🖤 Do you prefer classic, modern, eclectic, bohemian, or trend-forward style?

🖤 Wear ‘what’ makes you feel like your most stylish self?

🖤 What is your signature piece? Take note of repeats in your wardrobe.

🖤 What is the Odd Piece Out? It might be a style you like but aren’t fully comfortable trying.

🖤 Are you playing to your strengths and taking note of what people compliment you on?

Answer ALL of the above questions as they help you identify what your current style is and what you are happy wearing and most comfortable in. Embrace, refine, and don’t fight it. If you are not 100% happy with your style, elevate it!

PS: It is also important to ask yourself ‘How your Personal Image Impacts Your Personal Brand‘? Does your Personal Image reflect the real you and how you want to show up in the world?’

Your self-presentation and how you dress matters.

Share in the comments below the challenges you have in identifying your personal style.

OR DM me for any questions.

Yours In Style

Natalia Macri

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