Corporate Style Makeover Transformation

Giuliana had a big smile on her face at the end of our Style Makeover. She recognised the need to update her style and align it to her personal and career goals, especially after stepping into one of the senior executive roles.

After carefully examining Giuliana’s style requirements and understanding her lifestyle and work commitments, we started with a Wardrobe Detox session.

Wardrobe Detox is always a great way to start and review existing clothing, understand what needs to stay or be replaced, based on her age, body shape, colouring, lifestyle, personality, status, goals, likes, and dislikes. We also ensured Giuliana saved money by making the best out of her existing wardrobe before investing in new clothes. We identified missing pieces for her future shopping and compiled a personalised list of essential must-buy items to pull her wardrobe together and bring her image up-to-date.

After weeding out clothes which does not serve Giuliana, as well as her new style and where she wants to be in life, we proceeded to stores, with a list of purchases, required to replace old and add new items missing from her wardrobe.

Giuliana’s style makeover proceeded with a make-up session showing her the colours that suit her and techniques to use to enhance her facial features to the maximum. We then proceeded with the hair transformation, a new fresh haircut, for a totally rejuvenated look.

Once Giuliana’s grooming transformation was complete I took her on an exciting shopping tour, where preselected and handpicked outfits were already waiting for her just to try on, for a truly remarkable experience.

As a result, Giuliana revealed her full potential and how fabulous she can look at any time.

She also now:

• Know how to enhance her best facial features

• Discovered the colours and shades that suit her

• Learned about best hairstyle for her

• Learned styles and lengths that suit her body shape

• Learned how to mix and match colours and clothes

• How to put together and purchase complete, flattering outfits that would bring her from day to night and also from one season to the next

• How to use accessories to alter outfits (i.e. smart move to refresh an outfit / make it new)

• Know how to emphasize her best assets, look sexy and still be comfortable in the clothes she wears

• Learned how to shop effectively and productively at the right stores for her

• Gained greater confidence and a new stylish look

Hear what Giuliana says about her Style Makeover experience with Style-And-You HERE:

I really enjoyed creating this Corporate Look for a modern and confident woman.

The clothing can influence how a woman feels. When it comes to her confidence, sometimes the right outfit can work as a suit of armor to give you that extra boost you need to not just look the part, but to feel it too, and carry yourself accordingly. The purpose of putting on a ‘strong’ outfit is to help you feel your personal best.

We are so delighted with Giuliana’s transformation and happy to be of service to many other women, who want to unlock the power of personal style.

Share in the comments below the challenges you experience with your corporate style. Don’t know what to wear? We will be happy to assist.

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    Posted July 1, 2020 8:33 am 0Likes

    Great transformation

    • Style
      Posted July 1, 2020 12:19 pm 0Likes

      Thank you kindly

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