Winter is here. Now, with the temperatures dropping we really dress. And cosiness is of the utmost importance in this cold weather, of course depending on winter temperatures in your specific region. 

Apart from mixing textures and layering fabrics for warmth I think the most important layer in your winter outfit is your top layer, as this is the first layer anyone can see on you straight away. 

The goal here is to choose something that is warm, comfortable and stylish at the same time, but most importantly something that will last for years to come to avoid reinvesting into the same piece of clothing over and over. And of course (I hear you…) it should be reasonable in terms of price, without jeopardising on quality. Generally speaking you would want something to last you for 5-10 years of good wear, covering most occasions, meaning work and out of work situations. 

This is where the knowledge of macro (i.e. long lasting) trends is important as you would want to invest your hard earned money only into something that is worth your while and that you can enjoy for some time. Besides, who has the time to shop over and over just to replace pieces that are outdated or worn out due to questionable quality. 

But do not worry as I have done all the work for you. You do not need to spend hours on the Internet researching the latest trends and figuring out which ones to stay or which ones to go. Or buying new clothes just to realise they are not of the best quality and do not last for long. You have got a busy life and probably have a lot on your plate already, juggling everything and anything from work to your family commitments. 

That is why I put together a quick video of 5 winter options from Zara, I would recommend as a personal stylist, that are worth investing in. Watch it HERE now…

It is not a secret that Zara is an affordable high street retail chain that is known for its modern designs and low prices, although these ‘low’ prices have been going up and up over the last few years. However, I have been picking a lot of clothes for my clients from Zara stores all over the world, for at least over the last 10 years, which gives me a good insight into quality items to choose from the array of clothes they have to offer. You can say that I have an ‘upper hand’ in terms of knowing what will work best and live long, so to speak. 

Please note that in this video I have picked some current but quality pieces at a fraction of cost for you, as if you were to buy these items from any designer store it would cost you sometimes up to 10 times more.

Here are just few quick examples of similar designer pieces to compare to what i hand picked for you in my video above.

Moncler Clair Padded Down Jacket $1,927.89

Oroton Quilted Puffer Jacket $499

Acne Studios Striped Single-Breasted Coat $1598

And as always, don’t be shy and reach out to me if you have any questions regarding the above or alternatively

Email to find out how I can help you create stylish look for you, based on your lifestyle, body shape, and style personality in mind.

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