Wardrobe Makeover


Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet still feel like you have nothing to wear? You are not alone!

How many times have you opened your wardrobe and said “I don’t know what to wear today” and then reached out for a ‘safe’ and familiar outfit. Put on the same clothing combinations that you wear EVERY DAY! No wonder you dread going out or feel stuck in the same old ways and think you have nothing to wear.

No full consultation is complete without a wardrobe makeover. We’ll come to your home, wherever that may be. Your professional Wardrobe Makeover Stylist will assess your clothing, shoes, bags, ‘declutter’ your current wardrobe and then recreate it with your ideal style in mind.

We will show you how to mix ‘n’ match clothes, create different and flattering combinations, and put together a range of outfits using your existing clothing and accessories.

We will show you a selection of basic essentials every wardrobe should have. We will also identify missing pieces for your future shopping.

Finally, a personalised list of essential must-buy items will be provided to you to pull your wardrobe together and bring your image up-to-date.

A wardrobe makeover is recommended prior to a personal shopping experience to ensure you save money by making the best out of your existing wardrobe before investing in new clothes.

During Wardrobe makeover you will learn

• What is missing in your wardrobe or needs to be replaced
• Styles and fabrics that flatter your body
• Colours that suit and enhance your features
• Tips for buying during sales
• Wardrobe organisation
• Saving time and frustration by knowing what to wear every morning and starting your day on the right note
• Make quick and easy decisions on how to mix ‘n’ match
• How to create different looks for every day
• Maximise your wardrobe potential and breathe life into old outfits

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