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This is by far our most popular service as it takes care of all key style elements to ensure your style transformation is fully complete. Our Total Makeover package includes hairstyling and make-up sessions at our favourite and trusted salons followed by a productive day at stores to select amazing outfits, giving you a totally rejuvenated look you deserve!

Your style makeover starts with a make-up session showing you the colours that suit you and techniques to use to enhance your facial features to the maximum. You will be given your favourite items to the value of $90 to take home as complementary products. We will then proceed with the hair transformation, whether it is a new fresh haircut or just a slight adjustment, based on your requirements and our advice.

Once your grooming transformation is complete we will take you on an exciting shopping tour, where preselected and handpicked outfits are already waiting for you to try on. This is truly star treatment, because you deserve it!

With a Sydney Style Makeover you will:

• Reveal your full potential and how fabulous you can look at any time
• Know how to enhance your best facial features
• Discover the colours and shades that suit you
• Learn about appropriate colour and hairstyle for you
• Learn to identify and minimize your figure flaws
• Learn styles that suit you and your bodyshape
• Learn how to mix and match colours and clothes
• How to put together and purchase complete, flattering outfits that would bring you from one season to the next
• Know how to emphasize your best assets, look sexy and be comfortable in the clothes you wear
• Learn how to shop effectively and productively at the right stores for you
• Gain greater confidence and a new stylish look
• Receive your own customized LOOKBOOK (a guide for you to use when we are out of the picture)

Enjoy the greatly improved and stylish you!

Package: 3hrs make-up and hairstyling + 3hrs personal shopping & consultation

(Includes: $90 complimentary make-up products, customized LOOKBOOK, before & after pictures)

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