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This is one of Style-And-You’s most popular services and if you, like many people, don’t like shopping (especially on your own) or are overwhelmed when having to decide where to shop in restrictive time frames, we’ll show you how to shop smart and efficiently to achieve your personal goals. We want you to have fun and start loving shopping again! Whether you want a complete overhaul, just a couple of items to update your wardrobe, or simply to get some ideas on what styles suit you – we can help.
We want you to think of your consultation as a long term investment and be confident to shop on your own (with the knowledge you receive during the consultation) once the consultation is over!

Once you book an appointment for a Personal Stylist Sydney shopping service with us, you would need to fill in a questionnaire so that we can first analyse your needs, personality, lifestyle and find out what you want to get out of your shopping session with us. We will then meet up with you at your chosen time and shopping location. You will feel like a celebrity as we take you from shop to shop, trying on handpicked outfits to ensure you feel and look fantastic.

We have established relationships with many leading retail stores who offer amazing retail discounts exclusively to Style-And-You clients. This means that by the end of your personal shopping session, your savings from the fabulous retail store discounts could almost justify the fee paid to have a Personal Stylist! Whilst we’re ready to find you the ‘best buys’ from retail stores offering discounts, rest assured we work independently of any direct affiliation with retailers. This give us a greater degree of flexibility in choosing best garments for you without limiting your choices to purchasing from one particular store over any other. This sets Style-And-You well apart from stylists employed by department stores, boutiques or a particular brand, who focus on their own merchandise.

During Personal Stylist Sydney shopping service you will:

• Get insights on styles that suit you and your body shape
• Learn how to mix and match colours and clothes
• Buy complete and flattering outfits that will bring you from one season to the next
• Know how to emphasize your best assets, look sexy but yet comfortable in the clothes you wear
• Buy accessories to complete your look
• Learn about what brands and stores are best for you
• Learn to shop smart for quality items without breaking the bank
• Feel like a star with the full attention and personalised service just for you!
• Gain greater confidence and new stylish look

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