Jordan Hannah, Photographer, Toronto, Ontario

Natalia is one of the sweetest people you will meet, with such a great energy to work with. She has an impeccable eye for style, and can immediately tell what works and what doesn’t. Her attention to detail is what sets her apart, as she likes to make a fresh statement in her style choices. She’s also my go-to girl when I’m in need of styling options for events in Sydney!

Susan Lamrock, Education, Sydney, Australia

When my husband gave me a personal stylist package for Christmas I was a bit taken aback and not sure what to expect. It turns out, it was one of the best gifts ever. Throughout the whole experience, Natalia have been informative about what colours suit me best, the styles that are right for me and she listened to what I need the clothes for e.g. casual or going out wear. I now feel much more confident in choosing my own clothes and will be forever grateful for Natalia’s guidance. Thank you.

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Elena Boockhagen, Financial Controller, Munich, Germany

The wardrobe consultation gave me a fresh look at my old clothes and a few ideas on reusing them. The trip to the stores was similar to the experience of eating an ice-cream on a hot summer day – refreshing! With Natalia’s help it was simple and easy to get an understanding of what is really important when buying and wearing clothes and how to avoid wasting money and time when going shopping. I am delighted that I have had a chance to learn about one of the ways of expressing myself and emphasising my own attractiveness, personality, and status. And what is most important is that I feel good in styles that suit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Natalia!

Myra Chu, Reporting analyst, Sydney

Natalia’s instinctive ability to know what will look great is truly remarkable. By the time Natalia was finished with me I felt fabulous as only you can with clothes that suit you and clothes that fit well and are made well. I could never have pulled these amazing outfits by myself. Natalia has an eye for what is not only in style now but also what staples you can wear that will last you for years to come. Natalia arrives very prepared. Natalia is a delight to be around and you just know she is passionate about making sure you are not just happy but thrilled with your outfit. Its wonderful.

Regina Byrne, Project Manager, Sydney

I was very pleased with the Style-And-You package and now feel I have a refreshed view of what to wear. The Wardrobe consultation followed by an efficient trip to the stores totally transformed my existing wardrobe, which is uncluttered now. Natalia has been very time efficient, professional and friendly. I ended up with so much information and very beautiful outfits I wear every day. Overall it was a terrific experience and I have great memories of a fabulous day!

Fiona Murray, Financial Analyst, Sydney

I found Natalia very friendly and approachable and by the end of my Personal Shopping session I felt like we were friends. I really like everything I purchased and now I have new outfits to wear to work, which was definitely my goal. I purchased more in 2 hours than I would have in 3 months! What a time saver – definitely worth the investment! I would have no hesitation in recommending Style-And-You services to anyone. I had such a great day and feel everyone should experience this type of treatment at least once in their lives. Thank you very much! I had so much fun…

Brenda Lascano, Administrator, Sydney

I found the Wardrobe session with Natalia invaluable and picked up some useful tips about what suits me. She got through a lot in the time scale offered and educated me how to put together various (and new to me!) outfits out of my existing clothing. Natalia was wonderful in sharing what she knew plus made me feel much better about my wardrobe – now it is free of clutter! I also have a clear vision of what I have, what I am missing and how I can put together whole outfits.

Suzan Doyle, Product Manager, Sydney

I would recommend Personal Shopping with Natalia to anyone. She was fabulous and friendly, I felt at ease right away. She gave me lots of advice and picked some great pieces I would not normally have gone with. At the end of my personal shopping session I felt fantastic, had bought all the clothes I wanted and got to know which brands/shops suit me. I’ll be coming back to her for another shopping session later this year. Thank you Natalia for your time, skill and friendship!

Nicola Hansen, Business owner, UK

I found the services of Natalia as a stylist invaluable. She gave me a personal style plan that I was then able to implement myself. After putting into practice Natalia’s tips I was able to co-ordinate work and casual outfits. I now wear everything in my wardrobe and receive compliments nearly daily on what I wear.

Susan Mangan, Corporate services, UK

I really enjoyed my personal shopping session with Natalia, it was all very efficient and helpful, I purchased lots of new outfits that I love and can’t wait to wear them! I thought Natalia was very professional, excellent at her job, and very easy to talk to and I would highly recommend her to all my friends. Thanks again!