AT STYLE-AND-YOU we help our clients achieve a complete, improved and individual look from head to toe in accordance with their own personality and lifestyle. With our experience and expertise you will be transformed in only a short period of time. We will teach you how to best dress your individual body shape, give you skills and knowledge on dressing to complement your colouring, size and style, what suits you and what does not.

Personal fashion stylist Sydney

Style and you, is a well known Personal Fashion Stylist in Sydney.

We’ll give you our honest opinion and help you find complete wearable, flattering and good quality outfits to suit your budget and show you how to shop smart for easy results.

Styled by Natalia Matveeva offers tailor made Personal Fashion Styling services for both men and women to suit your time and lifestyle requirements.

When we are done you will feel and look amazing, like the new improved you. Get your confidence back and start enjoying your new life again!

You don’t have to be a celebrity to work with a personal stylist. We work with people of all shapes and sizes, no matter your age, income or career. We will teach you how to avoid fashion mistakes by making the right clothes choices every time and for any occasion.

Looking for a personal fashion stylist Sydney? Style-and-you is a well known Personal Fashion Stylist Sydney providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction for your personal stylist Sydney.

we help you to find your personal style.

Based on our own experience  working with clients, we have created a unique program that not only focuses on styling skills  but on self awareness and understanding.

Personal fashion stylist Sydney

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Hear about Gosia’s styling experience with Natalia

Gosia Kania, Health services, Ireland

Natalia’s instinctive ability to know what will look great is truly remarkable. By the time Natalia was finished with me I felt fabulous as only you can with clothes that suit you and clothes that fit well and are made well. I could never have pulled these amazing outfits by myself. Natalia has an eye for what is not only in style now but also what staples you can wear that will last you for years to come. Natalia arrives very prepared. Natalia is a delight to be around and you just know she is passionate about making sure you are not just happy but thrilled with your outfit. Its wonderful.

Myra Chu, Reporting analyst, Sydney

I was very pleased with the Style-And-You package and now feel I have a refreshed view of what to wear. The Wardrobe consultation followed by an efficient trip to the stores totally transformed my existing wardrobe, which is uncluttered now. Natalia has been very time efficient, professional and friendly. I ended up with so much information and very beautiful outfits I wear every day. Overall it was a terrific experience and I have great memories of a fabulous day!

Regina Byrne, Project Manager, Sydney

I found Natalia very friendly and approachable and by the end of my Personal Shopping session I felt like we were friends. I really like everything I purchased and now I have new outfits to wear to work, which was definitely my goal. I purchased more in 2 hours than I would have in 3 months! What a time saver – definitely worth the investment! I would have no hesitation in recommending Style-And-You services to anyone. I had such a great day and feel everyone should experience this type of treatment at least once in their lives. Thank you very much! I had so much fun…

Fiona Murray, Financial Analyst, Sydney
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